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20 December 2009 @ 02:05 pm
Yoon Kye-sang joins the cast of Road Number 1  

Yoon Kye-sang has signed on to join So Ji-sub and Kim Haneul in MBC’s war epic series Road Number 1, which is bound to be one of the big buzz shows of next year. With those three leads in place (as well as Choi Min-soo and Sohn Chang-min), the main cast is now complete.

Yoon Kye-sang and So Ji-sub will play comrades and friends, while the love triangle with Kim Haneul will additionally set the two up as rivals. The Korean War drama takes its title from the name of the road that served as the main passageway from North Korea into Seoul, and from Seoul into Pyeongyang, during the war in 1950.

The cast held their first script reading at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan on December 19. The production begins filming on January 4 and airs in June, in time to commemorate the sixty years that have passed since the war.